We're so excited that one of the largest U.S. charities, the National Christian Foundation (NCF), has featured Safi Life in their new 2015 Ministry Report. NCF handles all of Safi Life's online donations by providing a fast and secure payment method for generous givers who want to support our ministry.

Here's the story that shares our vision to help educate, empower, and advance today's African women:

Acting on love

Between auditions and rehearsals, NCF givers Devon Ogden and Jessica Davis are changing the lives of female genocide survivors and orphans in Rwanda. When these young actresses first volunteered in Rwanda, they knew that they had to do something. So Devon created Safi Life, a ministry that helps give Rwandan girls a chance for life-changing higher education. Recently, Devon and Jessica traveled to Rwanda with a group of filmmakers to begin making a documentary about forgiveness, hope, and progress. 

Their ministry is named after Safi Umukundwa, who also serves as the organization’s director in Kigali, Rwanda. This brave young woman survived the Rwandan genocide against Tutsi when she was only eight years old. Safi put herself through secondary school, was awarded funding for a university education, and now works with other young women. Devon says, “Safi’s life serves as a powerful reminder of what women can achieve even amidst the most difficult circumstances.”

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