In September, Safi Life held a "Back to School" Charity Walk in Van Nuys, California, where we raised over $2,400 for our two newest students! Zoula and Safi, both hospitality school students in Rwanda, are studying hotel management and administration. They are now on track to better their futures and graduate from college. We are extremely excited to see what they do with their amazing careers!

The Walk was a day full of laughter, fun and excitement for the attendees. While raising money by walking around Woodley Park, thanks to many generous sponsors and donors, we kept Zoula and Safi in our hearts. Some local college students even paddled across the lake in support of the girls!

That bright, warm afternoon will forever be remembered as a day where a group of amazing people came together to raise money for women empowerment. A big thank you to all who donated and came out for the event! Also, we are truly grateful to Panera, Krispy Kreme, and Corner Bakery for their donated baked goods!

Updates on Zoula and Safi’s schooling will be available in future posts.