We are so excited to be featured in Darling Magazine’s Embodied Series as The Achiever.  This incredible magazine wrote an article about the work we are doing in Rwanda and the women we are working with.

Darling Magazine is "more than just a print magazine, it's a wise guide to the art of being a woman” and we are beyond thrilled to have gotten this opportunity to be interviewed!

Below is an excerpt from the article: 


"Darling Magazine: What’s the most influential thing you have learned from working with these young women?

Jessica: Each of these young women have experienced a horrific tragedy in their lives. Most of us can’t even imagine going through what they’ve been through. But they have not only survived, they thrive!  They are joyful, vibrant, and loving! They believe with every fiber in their being that they have a purpose in life, and have a deep desire to make a positive impact in their communities, their country, and the world. I am inspired daily by them. It’s easy to get caught up in trivial troubles that life throws my way, but these young women inspire me to practice an attitude of gratitude, to pour out love onto others and to passionately pursue a meaningful life that positively impacts the world I live in.


Darling Magazine: Do you see Safi life potentially growing to aid women with scholarships in other countries in the future?

Jessica: It is our dream to expand Safi Life into other African countries in the future. There is certainly a need for it, and we believe that educating women is pivotal in creating stable, thriving African nations. Statistics show that an educated woman in a developing nation is less likely to suffer from domestic abuse, medical complications, and poverty. Educated women gain respect from their male counterparts and typically reinvest their incomes into improving their communities. Cultural norms begin to shift, and by simply educating women, a healthier society begins to form. It’s exciting to think about!"


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